Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Titts, Breasts, Boobs..

Why is that woman upper body is a tabu subject in media, i mean you can't see woman breasts in Baywatch but you can see man's naked upper bodies? Isn't this discrimination? Woman can see a man's upper body at any hour and any age, but we must wait until midnight or pay for porn and all this after the age of 16. I am a feminist, i love woman, and i am for equality, i say i want to see titts at TV without restriction. Is nothing to be ashamed of, woman body is beautiful. I am sure that some religious freaks will tell me this is not moral, i say fuck the religious people, and especially fuck the religious girls, they have nice titts too. And i am pretty confident that religious people fucks each other too, that's the way they reproduce themselves.