Saturday, October 6, 2012

K1 Final 2012 Joke

K-1 is back !!! Well not exactly! K-1 as a fighting promotion is back, but is not the old K-1, is a brand new promotion that is using the same name but with different fighters and probably rules too... Back in the golden days, K-1 and It's Showtime were partners and most of the top level fighters(Ghita, Saki, Ignashov, Schilt) had signed with both promotions. The problem here is that It's Showtime was bought by the Golden Glory promotion, with all the fighter's contracts, that said a lot of top level K-1 fighter are now obliged to fight in the Glory events and of course forbidden from K-1 (that's one of the reasons why Ghita was kicked out from the Final 16). K-1 on the other hand had no events this year, all pre final 16 events where held by the SuperKombat promotion, we can say that SuperKombat and K-1 merged. I don't want to say that SuperKombat is crappy, but it is clear for me that the promotion is still young, without big names. The rising stars from SuperKombat are mostly B+ level fighters and the fact that will be in the K-1 Final this year, sounds like shit to me. With Ghita's retirement, the K-1 champion title will mean nothing, o well.. it will worth one million dollar, but when your champion is a B fighter.... I don't know what to say, but i don't like the ideea. Below you can see the list of the fighters in Final 16, I repeat they are good fighters, and I personally really like SK but it is not the quality I expect from a K-1 final. The best fighters are now in Glory, and the real kickboxing champion of the world will be the winner of the Glory tournaments.