Saturday, October 6, 2012

Daniel Ghita's words on why he is missing from K-1 Final

Daniel Ghita himself wrote on his facebook page about the reason why he was not invited to the K-1 final event:

"My dear fans and friends all over the world. There has been some rumours and speculations I can simply read in the papers about my future since I was not invited for the Final 16 taking place in Tokyo on October 14th and consequently for the Finals in New York in December organised by K-1. In fact K-1 proposed me this contract for six bouts including the mentioned qualifier and finals and they made public announcements for the forthcoming events mentioning my name. I was surprised when on September 22nd , K-1 announced the fighting list for Tokyo and my name was not mentioned in any way . I was training very hard together with my trainer and preparing for this event. My legal advisors are now busy with the case and as soon I have news I will keep you posted. I do not have any contract at the moment. Any comments in the media about this are pure speculative. I am training, taking up golflessons, and have nice seminars with my fans . I started to do charity projects which I would like to share with you soon. Life goes on! I thank you all for the support and nice messages from you all. Please: Don't worry, be happy :-)
Your friend Daniel"

If this is true and Daniel is not currently under contract restriction, I am really disappointed by K-1, for me it means they kicked out Ghita just because the K-1 Final with him, would be to predictable...