Sunday, September 30, 2012

Danie Ghita kicked out from K1

Probably many of you know the fact that this year is the year K1 returns with a new Final tournament. Well, one of the fighters that was supposed to fight at this event was the romanian Ghita, but because of some contractual issues he won't be able to fight. The short story is something like this: Ghita was an It's Showtime fighter and It's Showtime was bought by Golden Glory... The problem here is that at time Ghita was under contract with It's Showtime he also signed for K-1 Final 16, and this is illegal. Note that this is not Ghita's fault, but his management's. Anyway, the result is that Ghita is now under contract with Golden Glory and can't compete in K1 fights, because K1 is the main competitor of GG, that said, in my opinion K1 has no change to return. Why? Because all the top fighters are in GG, so they have no stars left.