Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daniel Ghita vs Sergei Lascenko on March 10th!

I have some great news for the kickboxing fans. According to Mike’s Gym official Facebook page, Daniel Ghita will face Sergei Lascenko on March 10th.

This is going to be a really interesting re-match. First time Daniel won by K.O. against an already hurt Lascenko, beating Peter Aert’s record (Fastest K-1 GP Win Ever). Back then there was a huge gap between the two fighters and I am really sure that Daniel should have won even against Lascenko in a peak shape. Since their last bout, Sergej joined Mike’s Gym, improved his cardio, won against some very strong opponents like Poturak and also won the first Local Kombat tournament in November 19, 2011 displaying amazing striking skills and physical condition. Let’s not forget that his sparring partner for this match is mister “Bad Boy” Badr Hari in person. That said, for me Daniel is the absolute favorite to win this. He just proved that he is the best heavyweight kick boxer in the world by beating Hesdy Gerges by K.O. and winning the It’s Showtime heavyweight title. Also in the last years he turned into a complete fighter with deadly low kicks and amazing punch combinations, great cardio, and strength.