Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daniel Ghita, the number one heavyweight kickboxer.

It’s Showtime put a great show on January 28, 2012 with a great balanced fighting card, really reminded me of the good old K1 times. One of the greatest bouts was the Heavyweight title match between Daniel Ghita and Hesdy Gerges. This was in fact a revenge match; first time they fought Hesdy won by robbery, he kicked Daniel into the balls and, for some reason, the judges saw this as a knockdown. This time Daniel managed to K.O. the Egyptian fighter with a beautifully timed hook. From the beginning of the match, Hesdy was pressed and soon enough, he ran out of tactical solutions. In desperation he tried some really atypical punch combinations against Ghita and made the same mistake two times when he tried to hit with an uppercut being completely discovered. First time he managed to survive the vicious hook counter, second time he wasn’t that lucky. With Badr Hari’s retirement, the aging and soon retired Schilt, and Daniel’s newly found punches (incredible  in this match, you can really see the progress on the handy work here) we can say without any doubt that Daniel Ghita is the best heavyweight kickboxer in the world.