Saturday, August 6, 2011


I used to love Google as a company, i work with App Engine, i use G-Mail and Blogger services not speaking about the search engine. I am one of the over 25 milion users of the Google+ network and i must confess that is pure garbage. I don't think it has the power to beat Facebook, its a simple cheap clone of the biggest social network, without applications and privacy. The circle thing feels crappy, nothing works as expected. Its like a Facebook without users... sorry Google but I am very happy with my FB account and if you don't give users a solid reason why they should switch (there is no way I will use two social networks.. I mean why?? ) I think the future of G+ is doomed.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Badr Hari vs Daniel Ghita cancelled due to K1-Final GP 16

According to a dude BloodstainLane,  friend of Badr's coach Mike Passenier,  the Badr Hari vs Daniel  Ghita bout was cancelled because of K1-Final GP 16 tournament. (The dude is confirmed to be Mike's friend and i don't think he lies, but still this is unofficial).

Here is an interview with Daniel Ghita.. where he confirms that the Hari vs Ghita bout was officially cancelled.

How to get into your girlfriend's ass.

I think any man likes a good woman ass. Unfortunately most of girls are very shy when it comes to their butt. I don't know why but its hard to convince a girl to let you touch the inside part of their butt, not talking about kissing or anal sex so I decided to make a guide about how to get there. First of all if you have this problem, try these tips only if you do sex during shower or right after shower, otherwise you have no chance of success and even if you are lucky, trust me, it wont be very pleasurable. OK, lets start. So I suppose you are in a regular relationship, and your girlfriend  always rejects you when you are trying to mess with her ass. The first thing you can do is to be patient, you must show to your girlfriend that you respect her, and you must start with foreplay. Make her horny, make her wanna try new things. Start making out with her, caressing and kissing her body. Kiss her neck and her boobs, you can try kissing her nipples, meanwhile you can start gently touch her legs and go up to her pussy. Now you can slowly move your head down, while kissing her belly and finally you can go into oral sex. At this point she will be very horny, but if the girl never experienced any anal contact she will still reject any attempt. First you must make her comfortable with the idea (don't ask a girl if she wants to do some anal action, it's not important if  you only want licking or anal sex, if the girl never experienced any anal action, the answer will be no). So the next step is to continue with licking her pussy while exploring her body with your hands. You can gently touch her boobs, her legs, her butt and can try to get inside her ass. Don't try to stick your finger into her ass.. just simply massage her asshole. If you managed to do this, you can attempt an ass lick. Also, another great position to start some ass licking is 69 but I still highly recommend to take it slow, first make her horny, explore with hands, and then the licking by kissing your way up to the ass hole. While licking her ass you must still play with her pussy, the dual action will make her very horny. If you want more, I mean anal sex you must talk to her first, now she feels comfortable about you playing with her ass, you can ask her and if you're lucky you can have her. Its important to talk with her because anal sex requires extra preparation, first of all you need extra lubrication, and the girl must be very relaxed. If not it would be a very painful experience for her. That’s all folks.. good luck with the ass.