Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sony PlayStation Vita

The Sony PlayStation Vita is a new console from Sony, the successor of the popular PSP and will be released soon (the date is not set yet, but I think it will be available by Christmas). I just saw the presentation video and I must say that this will be amazing. The price is good (only 299 Euro in Europe and I think 299 dollars in USA) and you can preorder it on Amazon. In the early stages this console was known as NGP (Next Generation Platform or Next Generation Portable) and its specifications really impressed me: ARM Cortex A9 core (4 cores) processor, 5 inch touch screen, VGA camera, microphone, 3G, Wi-Fi. You can find more infos about Vita in the following clip:
P.S. A lot of people are asking me if its worth buying the old PSP now.. The answer is NO, save the money for PSP Vita.. It will be simply amazing just imagine a portable PS3 and by portable PS3 I mean high resolution graphics, lots of polygons, and great games (see Uncharted... yes Uncharted will be available for PSP Vita and will have similar graphics as its PS3 version.. and this my friends is amazing).