Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Katy Perry - Last Friday Night

Just watched Katy’s new video and I wasn’t impressed by the combination of grotesque and teenage dream.  It was like a trip way back into the 90’s watching Beverly Hills 90210 while listening to a Cindy Lauper song.   Of course sometimes I was disturbed by some disgusting scenes that supposed to be funny, but for me they are simply ugly. I don’t like Katy’s image, don’t like the wax scene. But the worst part of the video is the song itself.  I don’t say it’s not good, but it’s not great and is disappointing because Katy wrote so many good songs but this is too simplistic. The song was supposed to bring back memories from high school, to take us to a journey back in 80s- 90s but it fails big time.  The melodic line is full of clichés and the solo parts don’t seem to fit into the melody.  It’s like taking a bunch of well known harmonies from the 80s and making a music salad where you can’t really enjoy the taste of any of its ingredients.