Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's showtime 14.05.2011 Results and Impressions

Chahid Oulad El Hadj vs. Giorgio Petrosyan - No Contest
I really enjoyed this match. Giorgio was amazing as usual, and impressed the audience with his surgical precision. But after a while Chahid started to press him and he landed some beautiful combinations. Too bad he was injured.  I’m really curious what would been the outcome of this match… call me crazy but I think Chahid was on his road and maybe with some luck he could win this.

Willy Borrel vs. Chris Ngimbi (It's Showtime 70MAX World Title Fight) - Ngimbi KO R2
Not much to say about this match. Willy Borrel was like a kangaroo, jumping like an idiot around Ngimbi and waiting to be knocked out.  And he got what he waited for, a beautiful knee in his face baby.  (rule number one in every contact sport “Always defend yourself” )

Fikri Ameziane vs. Daniel Ghiţă - Ghita TKO R1
Ameziane was a backup fighter. He jumped in the tournament as a replacement after both Slowinsky and Anderson Silva suffered injuries.  After he trash talked Daniel and bragged that he is “Amazing” and he sparred with Bard Hari and Zimmerman he proved that he is in fact “Amazing” at being knocked out. Ghita simply beat the crap out of him, terrorizing his legs. Being merciful, the Romanian knocked him out in the first round and ended his agony.

Yohan Lidon vs. Marat Grigorian (It's Showtime 73MAX World Title Fight) - Lidon Unanimous decision 
Nothing to say really; Lidon put on a good match, but was a little bit boring for my taste.

Igor Mihaljevic vs. Tyrone Spong - Spong KO R1
Everybody talks about Overeem taking steroids. Let me say something, I think that Tyrone’s body evolution is more dramatic than Overeem’s.  I don’t know if he takes steroids or not, but I was impressed by his muscle mass.  He is now a heavyweight fighter (finally). He lost a little bit from his speed but definitely looked more powerful and Igor had the occasion to feel this live. A beautiful K.O. in the first round.

Gregory Tony vs. Badr Hari - Hari TKO R1
This was Badr Hari’s comeback match after almost one year. Also this was an EPIC fail. Hari enraged again (almost hit Tony on the floor) and Gregory running like a chicken.  This match makes me think about Ignashov’s comeback match against Hari and how unfair was K1 against him. If you remember Ignashov had to fight, with Badr Hari at his best, after four years of absence. Instead Badr made his comeback against an out of shape Gregory (who was a B level fighter in his entire career).  Just wanted to express my anger against K1… I will tell you again: FUCK YOU K1; you destroyed the most talented fighter in the world! Ok back to the match: I like to call it the execution of Gregory. Badr simply destroyed the French man. But I noticed a wild and angry Hari. If he continues this way I’m afraid he will be K.Oed by his level A fellows. By the way I heard some rumors that Hari’s next match will be against Daniel Ghita in Romania. The announcement was made by Eduard Irimia (Local Kombat promoter, also he organized K1- Bucharest last year); so I think there is a big change this match will take place.