Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bin Laden can’t swim

That’s the reason why they throwed  his body in the water.  I really can’t see any other reason. Maybe the bullet in his head wasn’t enough. And when they saw that Bin is still walking and laughing after the bullet, they decided to do the scuba operation. Of course Obama, couldn’t risk to bring Osama (notice the irony), former CIA member, in front of a jury. So after they found him, delighted by this amazing discovery, they quickly decided to shot him in the head. Then they made some DNA tests for proof, and threw him in the sea. Almost forgot, they made a photo with a mobile phone and retouched Osama’s face, in Photoshop, to make him look younger.  In fact the only proof that Osama was alive and then killed by the Americans is Obama’s speech.  And anybody knows that an American president can’t lie (notice the irony again).