Thursday, October 11, 2012

Keyra Augustina: best butt in the world

Who is Keyra Augustina? Well is a woman with the absolutely best butt in the world. Her real name is Julieta Machad, born in May 15, 1986 in Buenos Aires and he is an underwear model. She is 5'8" tall and she is also known under the following names: Keyra Augustina, a mai aparut si sub numele precum Augusta, Keydra, Julieta Solecita, Julieta Cordoba or Julieta Cordova. Check her butt, in the photos below:


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Titts, Breasts, Boobs..

Why is that woman upper body is a tabu subject in media, i mean you can't see woman breasts in Baywatch but you can see man's naked upper bodies? Isn't this discrimination? Woman can see a man's upper body at any hour and any age, but we must wait until midnight or pay for porn and all this after the age of 16. I am a feminist, i love woman, and i am for equality, i say i want to see titts at TV without restriction. Is nothing to be ashamed of, woman body is beautiful. I am sure that some religious freaks will tell me this is not moral, i say fuck the religious people, and especially fuck the religious girls, they have nice titts too. And i am pretty confident that religious people fucks each other too, that's the way they reproduce themselves.

Bonjasky is almost back, Saki is back.

Bonjasky had his return match on October 06 2012, in the Glory tournament at Busseles, after nearly three years of break....

The return was proven to be extremely difficult for the "Flying Gentleman" who needed four rounds to get a decision against the underdog Anderson Silva. Also in my opinion he clearly lost the first two rounds. In the third round Bonjasky had a pride spike and managed to impose his kicks against Silvia but wasn't able to deliver that knock down he desperately needed. I thought that Silvia will won, but surprise, the judges decided an extra-round. Bonjasky won the fourth round and won the match.

The co-main event saw Mourad Bouzidi in survival mode after getting cracked with a Gohan Saki left hook. Saki punished Bouzidi punch-leg kick combinations while pinning him against the ropes. Bouzidi was able to survive the onslaught and earned the respect of Saki and the Saki fans in attendance who applauded him as he left the ring.

The GLORY 2 full results can be found below:
  • HW: Remy Bonjasky def. Anderson “Braddock” Silva by Majority Decision (4-1) in an extra round.
  • HW: Gokhan Saki def. Mourad Bouzidi by unanimous decision.
  • 78kg: Nieky Holzken def. Murat Direkci by TKO (Cut) in Round 2.
  • HW: Filip Verlinden def. Fabiano Cyclone Aoki by unanimous decision.
  • 79kg: Murthel Groenhart def. Marc de Bonte by KO (Knee) in Round 2.
  • HW: Igor Jurkovic def. Gregory Tony by TKO (3 Knockdowns/Liver Shot) in Round 2.
  • HW: Koichi Pettas def. Mark Miller by KO (Right Cross) in Round 2.
  • HW: Jhonata Diniz def. Sebastian van Thielen by unanimous decision.
  • HW: Jahfarr Wilnis def. Jamal Ben Saddik by unanimous decision.
  • 71kg: Marat Grigorian def. Alex Vogel by TKO (Right Low Kick) in Round 2.
  • 97kg: Danyo Ilunga def. Ali Cenik by decision.
  • 70kg: Andy Ristie def. Nordin Benmoh by KO (Left Hook) in Round 1.

Ignashov at Local Kombat Craiova

Local Kombat Final Elimination, the biggest kickboxing event ever held in Romania will take place in Craiova at the "Sala Polivalenta" on November 10th with an impressive fight card: Catalin Morosanu, Freddy Kemayo, Raul Catinas and Alexey Ignashov....
Local Kombat president, Eduard Irimia, said that he will also select fighters from K-1 Final 16, from Tokyo to fight in Craiova. "It will be an impressive event, above K-1 World Grand Prix Bucharest! We have all the requirements, starting from an ultramodern hall to a great roster of fighters." said Irimia on the press conference. He also announced eight matches at super-heavyweight and he also revealed a list of fighter. The full list will be announced next week at Tokyo, after the Final 16. "At Craiova we'll have four calification fights, for the Local Kombat final on December 22, and other four super-fights. Morosanu, Ignashov, Kemayo, Adegbuyi, Daniel Sam and Ismael Londt will be among the fighters who will fight at Craiova on November 10", said Irimia.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where is Ignashov?

I talked with a K-1 promoter (he has no reason to lie) about Ignashov, I asked him where is he and so on.. and he told me the following words : Some time ago Ignashov asked him and other promoters something like this: "Ok, I know that i am not in the best shape of my life, but on the other hand I am a cheap fighter, I have no special requests, why don't you invite me to your events more often?" And the answer was something like this: "There is something really wrong with what you are saying, you always been one of the most expensive kickboxers to invite, and you are still one of them, I think you should talk with your manager". Well, that speaks millions...

Check out Ignashov's next match in 2012

Daniel Ghita's words on why he is missing from K-1 Final

Daniel Ghita himself wrote on his facebook page about the reason why he was not invited to the K-1 final event:

"My dear fans and friends all over the world. There has been some rumours and speculations I can simply read in the papers about my future since I was not invited for the Final 16 taking place in Tokyo on October 14th and consequently for the Finals in New York in December organised by K-1. In fact K-1 proposed me this contract for six bouts including the mentioned qualifier and finals and they made public announcements for the forthcoming events mentioning my name. I was surprised when on September 22nd , K-1 announced the fighting list for Tokyo and my name was not mentioned in any way . I was training very hard together with my trainer and preparing for this event. My legal advisors are now busy with the case and as soon I have news I will keep you posted. I do not have any contract at the moment. Any comments in the media about this are pure speculative. I am training, taking up golflessons, and have nice seminars with my fans . I started to do charity projects which I would like to share with you soon. Life goes on! I thank you all for the support and nice messages from you all. Please: Don't worry, be happy :-)
Your friend Daniel"

If this is true and Daniel is not currently under contract restriction, I am really disappointed by K-1, for me it means they kicked out Ghita just because the K-1 Final with him, would be to predictable...

K1 Final 2012 Joke

K-1 is back !!! Well not exactly! K-1 as a fighting promotion is back, but is not the old K-1, is a brand new promotion that is using the same name but with different fighters and probably rules too... Back in the golden days, K-1 and It's Showtime were partners and most of the top level fighters(Ghita, Saki, Ignashov, Schilt) had signed with both promotions. The problem here is that It's Showtime was bought by the Golden Glory promotion, with all the fighter's contracts, that said a lot of top level K-1 fighter are now obliged to fight in the Glory events and of course forbidden from K-1 (that's one of the reasons why Ghita was kicked out from the Final 16). K-1 on the other hand had no events this year, all pre final 16 events where held by the SuperKombat promotion, we can say that SuperKombat and K-1 merged. I don't want to say that SuperKombat is crappy, but it is clear for me that the promotion is still young, without big names. The rising stars from SuperKombat are mostly B+ level fighters and the fact that will be in the K-1 Final this year, sounds like shit to me. With Ghita's retirement, the K-1 champion title will mean nothing, o well.. it will worth one million dollar, but when your champion is a B fighter.... I don't know what to say, but i don't like the ideea. Below you can see the list of the fighters in Final 16, I repeat they are good fighters, and I personally really like SK but it is not the quality I expect from a K-1 final. The best fighters are now in Glory, and the real kickboxing champion of the world will be the winner of the Glory tournaments.